Applying Pre-Paid to a Multi-Bill Split

Firms often deal with multiple parties in any given case, and may therefore have to bill multiple parties per matter. This can become tricky when one party has applied pre-paid on the account. For a brief explanation regarding how to handle this type of situation, please watch our tutorial video.

If you have any questions related to applying prepaid to a multi-bill split, please feel free to email us.

Privatize Your Invoices with PerfectLaw’s Redaction

With PerfectLaw’s new Redaction feature, users can quickly block out portions of an invoice for distribution to clients as part of their bill.

PerfectLaw’s Redaction eliminates the need to manually edit invoices and eliminates the need for third party software.

To see how the new Redaction feature works, please watch ourĀ video. If you think your firm could benefit from this feature, send us an email so that we may turn the feature on for your firm.